MarkeTo BIA Cleanup 2019

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Fall 2019 Community Clean Up

MarkeTo District Community Clean Up November 2019

Fieldstone Community Clean Up Volunteers

Volunteers cleaning up dairy queen

MarkeTo BIA Fall Cleanup

Making sure our sidewalks and properties are clear of litter and debris helps in building an attractive community. To this end the MarkeTo BIA has had a number of cleanups during the year to help assist with this goal. During these cleanups we are lucky to have volunteers from the local Fieldstone School come out to accomplish this task.

This coming November 1st will be our last cleanup of the year, and we would like to invite any members of the community to come out and lend a hand as we try to clear as much as we can during this event. If you are interested in participating please click on the volunteer page and we will follow up with you on how you can help.

While this will be the last event for this year, we have already made plans for next year when the winter has passed. We are looking to do a large clean up for Earth Day on April 24th as well as additional days throughout the year. Working together we can ensure our community is free of litter and appealing to the eye when walking the streets. Here is to a great finish to the year, and a promising look towards next year!