New Developments What is going up, what is being built?

Ever wonder what the long term plan for the area is by the city? Wondering what infrastructure projects are on the horizon? How about curiosity about any new buildings going up in the area?

The MarkeTo BIA maintains a nice relationship with North York and Toronto City Planners Offices, so we are always in the know about when and why hammers are being swung in the district.

Feel free to browse below just some of the ongoing projects both within the district and in neighboring districts. If you are curious about a specific project, either reach out to us or check the application on the city website, as it is all public release. 

New, Ongoing and Proposed Developments

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  • Large 3 Tower complex by Lanterra Developments, the last tower is almost complete with the first tower opening 4 years ago. This development is expected to encourage further high rise development in the adjacent corners of the intersection. The building is a 15 storey mixed used building with 372 units. 

    This application is now closed and draft approved.

  • This is a proposed 9 story high rise just north of Eglinton. It is currently in dispute do to disagreements over the proposed size of the building. This would be mixed-use with retail at grade and 113 residential units. It has been appealed to Local Planning, with a September 2019 hearing. 

  • This is an approved  area of condos, townhouses and parkland that will raise property values in the area. It will be 124 townhouse dwellings and 2 commercial units. 

  • There is a currently an application for a midrise at this location which has been appealed. The city is very happy with the proposed build form and has described this as a ‘poster child’ for ideal development in this area. This will be an 8 storey mixed use building with 105 units and retail at grade. 

  • This is a major proposed multi-tower development. This lot is very large and will include additional parkland development and have a retail edge for a mixed-use proposal. The only current concerns from the city are regarding access and roads. This proposal is currently in active negotiation and has been appeal to OMB. It will include a 16 storey mixed-use residential building with 239 dwellings, a 23 storey residential building with 265 dwelling units and 7 3-storey townhouses. The existing 18-storey residential rental building with 287 units would remain.

  • A proposed redevelopment of this area was blocked by a showing of support from local citizens, although provincial funding has been pulled and any proposals or negotiations regarding this area have been placed on hold.  This is currently under OMB appeal. The proposed site was a 4 storey joint use building (rebuilt Columbus Centre and catholic high school) 

  • The Eglinton Crosstown and continued expansion of the Go Network will bring many new transit options to the residents of the district and surrounding area. New Go and LRT Stations will likely open in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

  • Currently, Dufferin, Marlee and Lawrence are all being studied for the purpose of avenue expansion due to their high rate of growth and current congestion issues. A formal avenue study of Dufferin has not commenced but it is a priority for the city. A Council motion has moved up the timeline for an Avenue study of Dufferin, presenting opportunities for development partnerships moving forward.