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About Us

The MarkeTo District Business Improvement Area 

Who we are and what we do:

A Business Improvement Area (“BIA”) is not a government body, but rather a gathering of local citizens and business owners who have a shared vision of community improvement. A BIA allows these individuals to have the benefit of collective voices, collective action and collective will to improve the communities around them.

The MarkeTo BIA, formally the Dufferin-Wingold BIA, was formed in 2014 by a small group of citizens and has grown quickly from there and created associations and relationships with many members of the community, including schools, businesses, and the offices of elected officials. The BIA hosts multiple events every year and devotes all financial resources to community development and improvement to ensure positive stakeholder outcomes.

What are the benefits of the MarkeTo District BIA?

For citizens and individuals of the community:

Events and recreational activities to attend, a cleaner and safer environment for themselves and their families, a positive sense of local progress and improvement, a clearer and stronger voice with all levels of government

For business and organizations:

Coordinated branding and promotion efforts, more financial self-reliance on improvement of the area, shared costs and resources to reduce strain on individual members and activities, a stronger voice for government support, a more physically an aesthetically attractive commercial area, increased attraction of visitors to the community

Vision Statement

To be a people-focused source of community improvement and enhancement that looks to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for commercial, retail and residential growth.

Mission Statement

To promote a greener and cleaner neighborhood for the businesses, communities, organizations and individuals that operate in and around the MarkeTo District through engagement and outreach to both locals and visitors.

Goals of the MarkeTo District Business Improvement Area

  1. Maintain a clean and safe environment on Dufferin through consistent upkeep as well as beautification and improvements
  2. Maintain and improve impartial ties with officials and representatives from all levels of government (Municipal, Province, Federal)
  3. Be a collective voice for the businesses and residents of the district to address concerns and improve stakeholder outcomes
  4. Promote the brand and businesses of the BIA through events and initiatives to increase visitor traffic to the district
  5. Expand the BIA to include new members, new areas and new stakeholders for collective growth and prosperity, and increase engagement and coordination with other BIAs in proximity to the district

Recent Achievements of Current MarkeTo District BIA Board

  1. Completed installation of a safe crossing zone at Glengrove Ave and Dufferin Street in 2020 to address concerns relating to pedestrian and driver safety
  2. Repainted ten rusted and chipped fire hydrants throughout the BIA in 2020 to maintain a clean and beautiful district 
  3. Found a 50% increase of followers on Instagram in a three-month period in 2021

Specific Goals, Initiatives and Focus for Current MarkeTo District BIA Board

  1. More events and engagement with the local community, including multiple annual movie nights, networking events, food drives and clean up events
  2. Growth and promotion of MarkeTo District brand through implementation of website, social media presence and following, increased membership and increased engagement with community stakeholders
  3. Implementation of BIA Streetscape plan for significant beautification and renovation of the district

BIA 101

Wondering exactly what a Business Improvement Area is and what we do? Check out our video to get a better understanding of what what goes on in our community. If you still have questions, send us an email or write us on social media. We are happy to field any questions you may have about your local BIA. 




Domenico Maiolo

Property owner


Gabriele Torchetti

Lady York Foods


Sister Margaret Moran

Pauline Books and Media 




Lionel Khoury

Property owner


Darrin Butler

Terrain Flowers

Joe Cimicata

Home Hardware


Lita Di Maria

Property owner  

Luana Mancini

Property owner



Charles Goodwin


Ana Sarsonas