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MarkeTo District Strategic Planning Survey

The BIA Board has started a process of plotting the BIA’s strategic direction for the next 4-year term.

The strategic plan will guide the Board’s decisions on investment in streetscape infrastructure, and expenditure on events and other opportunities that will improve the business district and bring direct benefit to you, the BIA member.

To inform the planning, the Board has been collecting:

  • Social and economic data for the area                                 
  • Comparative BIA and property assessment data
  • Information on city and provincial funding programs and opportunities
  • The Toronto retail environment and BIA performance metrics

The Board will be meeting early in 2020 to develop the strategic direction, projects and activities to achieve the BIA’s vision and objectives in the coming years. A strategic plan will be developed, to guide the BIA’s annual planning and budgeting.

The Board invite and encourage all BIA members to contribute to this process by giving inputs and voicing opinions that will be considered in tailoring a way forward that will benefit all.

Below there is a quick 4-question survey where you can contribute to the BIA’s strategy. Should you wish to provide additional input, please feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab above.

For more information, please contact the BIA Office at:

Phone: 416-606-0224

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Strategic Planning Survey

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