Pedestrian Seating Sponsorship

As always, the MarkeTo District BIA is committed to the beautification and improvement of the district. One of the improvement projects we are working on as part of our master Streetscape plan for the area. One of the common trends for BIAs in terms of beautification is the installation of benches in their districts. These serve three important functions. Firstly, the most obvious is it simply gives visitors and pedestrians in the area a place to sit, relax, enjoy a food or beverage or simply enjoy the weather. Secondly, it serves to create a more visually appealing look for the area by choosing pleasant to look at seating. The BIA has the intention of installing wrought iron for a classic and sophisticated look, with iron shadow backing for an artistic touch. This of course leads to our third intention with these benches, which is to allow sponsors and community partners to not only provide financial support for beautification by sponsoring a bench, but also to add to their own promotion by having their logo incorporated into the design of the bench, for an impression that should last as long as the bench does.

As the BIA works in partnership with the city, some of the cost of the benches will be shared with them, allowing the BIA to work in tandem with our partners in the city as well as community partners for mutual benefit and overall improvement and beautification of the area.

The BIA is planning to install between 10 and 15 benches in the district. If you would like to sponsor a bench in the district and have your logo incorporated into the design, please contact the BIA coordinator’s office to discuss.